port forwarding

Can you please tell me how to configure port forwarding in OPNids? There is such a possibility in OPNSENSE, but I did not find it in OPNids … This product is very difficult to configure …
Thanks, have a nice day!

Hi Afinys,

OPNids is designed to operate in passive mode (and not like a bump in the wire). It is based on OPNSense, however, the functionality is different. It does not support port-forwarding (since it does not operate in inline mode).

We are sorry to learn that you are facing difficulty in configuring OPNids. Could you please tell us more about your experience and the problems you are facing? We’d like to help you out as much as we can so you can use OPNids.


Before I even install… I’m way over my head for sure… But reading this I have to ask… Would it be impossible to use opnids with, say, a Remote Desktop Connection from the internet to my PC at home?


Sorry, I did not fully understand what you are trying to do. But if I understand it as “you’d like to use OPNIds within your network and access it via a remote desktop”, then the answer is yes. You’ll need a way to reach a remote desktop and from there you can use browser or command line access to access the OPNIds install.


Thanks. I mean this:

Remote Location RDP --> Internet --> My Home IP with Opnids as a gateway --> home PC to RDP to.

This normally needs port forwarding in my router (I haven’t researched yet how my Home Router fits into this setup, though it’s also there).

No? :slight_smile:



Apologies for the delay. OPNIds cannot function as a gateway. In it’s current design, it functions in a passive manner.

Hope this helps answer the question.